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Nicsknots is a one woman show, run by me, Nic, from the corner of my living room. It is a one-stop bag and needle roll shop for the knitter who wants something to organise her
world, people who have little girls (and boys) who demand little bags to carry around all of their important things or by anyone who just wants to make their world a bit prettier. 
I started Nicsknots in 2008 and it has gone from strength to strength. I have had my bags and needle rolls featured in all the main knitting magazines over the last three years. Every time I find myself in print I do a happy dance and am so grateful that people love my products.
I use a variety of fabrics from reclaimed sample fabrics and linings to quirky fabrics from far-flung places.
I am so excited for 2012. I have 'given up' my 'proper' job and will now be offering  sewing tuition based at my fab local yarn shop, A Good Yarn, in Cleethorpes.  This is a huge leap for the whole Nicsknots family but I have loads of great ideas for the next year and hope that Nicsknots will continue to grow.
As well as reading my blog, you can find me on Twitter as Nicsknots and on Ravelry, going by the same name and I have a Facebook home for Nicsknots. You will also find me running to school when I realise that I am late to pick children up because I was trying to do 'one more job'before home timeand celebrating the start of school holidays almost as eagerly as the teachers themselves.
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'This is well made and so cute and lovely, I've got my eye on another one already! Very fast delivery too.'

S from Glasgow

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